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Artist Statement

“This memorial painting was created with Floyd’s stolen life and freedom in mind as a result of the poisonous racism in America. The painting does take a spiritual tone. Floyd is imagined as a golden creation of God, like all of us. Wood furnish was used to paint his skin, creating the effect of his skin appearing brown in one perspective and also golden in another perspective. The golden hue of the paint is also activated under the natural light or sun. The dual colors symbolize the obvious value or golden quality to every human being’s life. That we must value and treat all lives with respect instead of carelessness and hate. 

Floyd’s death was so painful, painting him in the likeness of God’s perception can never fully console, yet it is helpful. True consolation only comes when the entire nation practices and honors the #blacklivesmatter movement to prevent any more stolen lives in this country as a result of hate crimes. It is not enough to be sorry; we must all do our part. 

Rest in Power, George Floyd.”

About Nathalie Avalo

Nathalie Avalo is passionate about the value art brings the world through dynamic story-telling. Her favorite forms of artistic creation and appreciation include literature, illustration, film, theater, and dance. 

Nathalie’s writing and illustration range from exploring concerns of human, environmental, and animal rights to meditating on the subtle beauties and challenges of daily life. She is studying English Literature at CUNY Queens College. 

Her poetry and artwork can be found published in Queens College’s undergraduate literary journal, Utopia Parkway Journal.

Nathalie’s Work

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